When comparing the Burris Fullfield to the Leupold VX Freedom scopes, consider the Burris' sturdy aluminum build with O-ring seals against Leupold's aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

Both offer clarity, but Burris excels in long-range shooting with the Ballistic Plex E1 reticle, whereas Leupold provides a Tri-MOA option for precision. Burris boasts illuminated reticles with adjustable brightness, while Leupold features FireDot reticles with automatic adjustments. Pricing varies, with Burris at $300 and Leupold at $250. Your shooting preferences will guide you in selecting the ideal scope suited to your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Burris Fullfield offers Ballistic Plex E1 reticle for long-range shooting.
  • Leupold VX Freedom features Twilight Light Management System for enhanced light transmission.
  • Burris Fullfield has illuminated reticles with adjustable brightness settings.
  • Leupold VX Freedom provides Tri-MOA reticle for precise aiming points.
  • Burris Fullfield excels in long-range shooting, while Leupold VX Freedom offers versatility for various ranges.

Build Quality

When comparing the build quality of Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes, both exhibit exceptional durability and precision engineering. The Burris Fullfield scope features a sturdy construction with a single-piece tube made from high-grade aluminum, providing excellent resistance to recoil and harsh environmental conditions. Its o-ring seals make it waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, ensuring reliability in various shooting scenarios.

On the other hand, the Leupold VX Freedom scope boasts a similarly resilient design, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for unmatched strength and durability. The Twilight Light Management System enhances light transmission for improved visibility in low-light conditions, giving it an edge in versatility. Additionally, the Guard-Ion hydrophobic lens coating repels water, dirt, and fingerprints, maintaining a clear sight picture even in challenging environments.

In terms of turret adjustments and overall ergonomics, both scopes offer precise and smooth adjustments, making zeroing and fine-tuning a breeze. However, the Leupold VX Freedom's advanced CDS (Custom Dial System) provides quick and easy adjustments for specific ballistics, catering to shooters who demand utmost accuracy and convenience.

Optical Performance

Comparing the optical performance of the Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes reveals distinctions in clarity, light transmission, and inventive features that cater to varying shooting conditions.

The Burris Fullfield offers exceptional clarity with its high-quality lenses that provide sharp images even in low-light conditions. Its multi-coated lenses enhance light transmission, ensuring a bright and clear sight picture.

On the other hand, the Leupold VX Freedom scope also excels in optical performance, boasting a Twilight Light Management System that enhances brightness and reduces glare. This feature allows for better visibility during dawn and dusk hunting sessions. Additionally, the Leupold VX Freedom is equipped with scratch-resistant lenses that maintain optical clarity over time.

When it comes to optical performance, both scopes offer impressive features tailored to different shooting scenarios. Whether you prioritize low-light performance, glare reduction, or long-term clarity, each scope provides a unique set of benefits to enhance your shooting experience.

Reticle Options

When comparing the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom, examining the different reticle types each offers is crucial.

The analysis should include a comparison of any illumination features present in the reticles.

Additionally, for those interested in long-range shooting, the suitability of the reticle for such applications requires careful evaluation.

Reticle Types Comparison

To determine the most suitable reticle for your shooting needs between the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes, it's essential to compare their available reticle options thoroughly.

The Burris Fullfield offers reticle options such as the Ballistic Plex E1, which provides holdover points for long-range shooting, and the Ballistic Plex reticle, designed for quick target acquisition.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom provides the Tri-MOA reticle, known for its precise aiming points and versatility, and the Duplex reticle, a classic design suitable for various shooting applications.

When comparing the two, the Ballistic Plex E1 of the Burris Fullfield excels in long-range shooting scenarios, offering clear holdover points for different distances.

In contrast, the Tri-MOA reticle of the Leupold Vx Freedom is favored for its fine aiming points, ideal for precise shots at varying ranges.

Consider your shooting style and preferences to determine which reticle type best suits your needs between the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes.

Illumination Feature Analysis

The Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer distinct illumination features within their reticle options for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

The Burris Fullfield series includes models with illuminated reticles that provide red or green illumination for quick target acquisition in low-light environments. These illuminated reticles offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the intensity based on the ambient light conditions.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom line features FireDot reticles that incorporate an illuminated center point for precise aiming. The FireDot technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the center dot based on the lighting conditions, ensuring top visibility without washing out the target.

Additionally, some Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer motion sensor technology that activates the illumination when the rifle is moved and powers it down when at rest, conserving battery life.

When comparing illumination features, the Burris Fullfield scopes provide manual control over brightness levels, while the Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer automatic adjustment for convenience and efficiency in varying light conditions.

Long-Range Reticle Consideration

Considering the long-range capabilities of both the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes, their respective reticle options play a critical role in providing precise aiming and holdover points for distant targets.

The Burris Fullfield offers reticle options like the Ballistic Plex E1 and the Ballistic Plex E1 MV. The Ballistic Plex E1 features cascading dots to compensate for windage and bullet drop, while the E1 MV includes a series of holdover dots calibrated for specific muzzle velocities.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom provides reticles such as the Tri-MOA and the Tri-MOA illuminated. The Tri-MOA reticle offers a simple crosshair with hash marks for windage and elevation holds, while the illuminated version enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

When choosing between these scopes based on reticle options, consider your shooting preferences and the type of long-range shooting you intend to do, whether it's hunting, competition, or tactical applications.

Magnification Range

When it comes to magnification options, the Burris Fullfield offers a range of choices to suit various shooting needs, from close-range to long-distance targets.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom boasts impressive zoom capabilities, allowing for precise adjustments in magnification for different shooting scenarios.

Comparing the power ranges of both scopes can help you determine which one aligns best with your specific shooting requirements.

Burris Magnification Options

Explore Burris' magnification choices to comprehend the range available and how they stack up against Leupold Vx Freedom. Burris offers a diverse array of magnification selections across its scopes, catering to various shooting needs. The Burris Fullfield II series, for example, provides magnification choices ranging from 2x-7x to 6.5x-20x, offering versatility for different shooting distances and scenarios.

In comparison, the Leupold Vx Freedom series also provides a wide range of magnification choices, with models like the Vx Freedom 3-9x40 and Vx Freedom 4-12x40 catering to similar shooting requirements.

When comparing the magnification options between Burris and Leupold, it's essential to take into account factors like intended shooting distance, target size, and environmental conditions. Burris' magnification ranges are known for delivering clear and sharp images across various zoom levels, ensuring precision in target acquisition.

On the other hand, Leupold's Vx Freedom series is also acknowledged for its dependable magnification capabilities, offering shooters a wide range of selections to suit their specific needs. Ultimately, the decision between Burris and Leupold magnification choices will depend on individual preferences and shooting requirements.

Leupold Zoom Capabilities

Compare the magnification range of the Leupold Vx Freedom series to gain insight into its zoom capabilities and how they align with Burris' offerings. The Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer a versatile range of magnification options suitable for various shooting scenarios. Below is a comparison table showcasing the magnification range of the Leupold Vx Freedom series:

Model Magnification Range Objective Lens Diameter (mm)
Leupold Vx Freedom 1.5-4x 1.5-4x 20
Leupold Vx Freedom 3-9x 3-9x 40
Leupold Vx Freedom 4-12x 4-12x 40
Leupold Vx Freedom 6-18x 6-18x 40
Leupold Vx Freedom 4-20x 4-20x 50

The Leupold Vx Freedom series provides a wide range of magnification options suitable for hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications. Whether you need a low-power scope for close-range shooting or a high-power scope for long-range precision, the Leupold Vx Freedom line has you covered.

Comparing Power Ranges

The magnification ranges of the Leupold Vx Freedom series offer a versatile selection suited for various shooting applications, providing options from close-range to long-range precision.

The Leupold Vx Freedom scopes come in a variety of magnification options, typically ranging from 1-4x, 3-9x, 4-12x, and 4-20x. These choices cater to different shooting scenarios, allowing you to switch between targets at varying distances swiftly.

The 1-4x magnification is ideal for quick target acquisition in close quarters, making it suitable for tactical or hunting purposes. Moving up the range, the 3-9x offers a good balance between close and mid-range shooting, perfect for versatile applications.

For those needing more precision at longer distances, the 4-12x and 4-20x models provide excellent magnification capabilities for extended range shooting or hunting.

Durability and Weather Resistance

With a focus on durability and weather resistance, both the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer sturdy construction and dependable performance in challenging conditions.

The Burris Fullfield features a rugged one-piece main tube made from high-quality aluminum, providing excellent resistance to recoil and impact. Its nitrogen-filled body guarantees fog-proof performance, maintaining clarity even in changing weather conditions. The Fullfield's lenses are multi-coated to enhance light transmission and protect against scratches and abrasions.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom boasts a similarly sturdy construction with a high-grade aluminum housing that's waterproof and fog-proof. The Vx Freedom's exterior lenses are scratch-resistant and treated with a protective coating to repel water, oil, and dirt, making them easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, Leupold's proprietary Twilight Light Management System enhances low-light performance, giving you a clear sight picture in challenging lighting conditions.

Both scopes are designed to withstand the rigors of hunting and shooting in varied environments, ensuring lasting durability and dependable functionality.

Turret Adjustments

Considering turret adjustments, the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer distinct features tailored to meet the needs of precision shooters and hunters.

The Burris Fullfield scope is equipped with exposed tactical-style turrets that provide audible clicks for precise adjustments. These turrets are designed to allow quick and easy corrections in the field, making it ideal for shooters who require fast adjustments for changing conditions or moving targets.

On the other hand, the Leupold Vx Freedom scope features capped turrets that offer a more efficient and protected adjustment system. The capped turrets are designed to prevent accidental adjustments while providing a sleek profile that reduces the risk of snagging on brush or clothing during hunting expeditions.

Both turret adjustment systems have their advantages, with the Burris Fullfield offering quick accessibility and the Leupold Vx Freedom providing added protection and a clean aesthetic. Ultimately, the choice between exposed tactical-style turrets and capped turrets comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the shooter.

Pricing and Value

When comparing the pricing and value of the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes, one can discern significant differences in the features offered. When evaluating these scopes, it is crucial to analyze not only the initial cost but also the overall value they provide regarding durability, performance, and additional features.

Below is a comparative table highlighting key aspects of the pricing and value of the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes:

Features Burris Fullfield Leupold Vx Freedom
Price $300 $250
Magnification 3-9x 4-12x
Reticle Options Ballistic Plex Tri-MOA
Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated Twilight Max Light Management System

Regarding pricing, the Burris Fullfield is slightly more expensive than the Leupold Vx Freedom. However, the Burris scope offers a wider range of magnification and a different reticle option, while the Leupold scope boasts the advanced Twilight Max Light Management System. Consider your specific needs and preferences to determine which scope provides better value for your shooting requirements.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Explore the customer reviews and feedback to gain insights into the real-world performance and satisfaction levels of the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes.

Both scopes have received positive feedback from users, with the Burris Fullfield often praised for its clarity and brightness of the optics. Many users appreciate its durability and ease of use, making it a popular choice among hunters and sports shooters.

The Leupold Vx Freedom, on the other hand, has garnered praise for its exceptional light transmission and image quality, especially in low-light conditions. Users have also commended its rugged construction and reliable performance in various environments.

When comparing customer reviews, some users prefer the Burris Fullfield for its affordability and value for money, while others incline towards the Leupold Vx Freedom for its superior optical performance.

Comparison Summary

To provide a detailed overview of the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes, let's highlight key factors in a comparison summary.

Both the Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom scopes offer excellent optical clarity, with the Burris Fullfield providing a slightly wider field of view compared to the Leupold Vx Freedom.

Concerning durability, the Burris Fullfield is known for its sturdy construction, making it suitable for harsh environments, while the Leupold Vx Freedom is also durable but slightly lighter in weight.

When it comes to reticle options, the Burris Fullfield offers a Ballistic Plex reticle that aids in long-range shooting, whereas the Leupold Vx Freedom provides various reticle choices, including the popular Duplex reticle.

Both scopes feature quality coatings to enhance light transmission and reduce glare, but the Burris Fullfield is equipped with a Hi-Lume multi-coating for improved performance in low-light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom Compatible With All Rifle Types?

Yes, both Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom are compatible with a wide range of rifle types. They offer versatile mounting options and are designed to work effectively across various firearms, providing reliable performance for different shooting situations.

Do Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom Come With Lens Covers?

Yes, both the Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes come equipped with lens covers. These covers are designed to protect the lenses from dust, debris, and scratches, ensuring peak performance and longevity of your optic.

Can Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom Be Used for Long-Range Shooting?

Yes, both Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes are suitable for long-range shooting. They offer excellent clarity, reliable adjustments, and adequate magnification levels. With proper zeroing and understanding of ballistics, you can achieve precise shots at extended distances.

Are Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom Easy to Mount on Rifles?

Attaching both the Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes to your rifle is straightforward. They feature easy-to-use mounting systems that make installation a breeze. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for a secure fit.

Do Burris Fullfield and Leupold Vx Freedom Come With a Warranty?

Yes, both Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom scopes come with warranties. Burris typically offers a lifetime warranty on their products, while Leupold provides a similar guarantee for the original owner. Check specifics for each scope.


In comparing the Burris Fullfield and Leupold VX Freedom, both scopes offer solid build quality, excellent optical performance, and a variety of reticle options.

However, the Burris Fullfield may have a slight edge in durability and weather resistance, while the Leupold VX Freedom offers more precise turret adjustments.

Ultimately, choosing between the two will come down to personal preference and specific needs, as both scopes provide great value for their respective price points.

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