Where can I hunt wild pigs in Arizona?

The Arizona Strip, San Pedro River Valley, Lake Havasu, Agua Fria River, Roosevelt Lake, and presumably more locations are known to have feral hogs. The Agua Fria population has been spotted near the Verde Valley in the Dugas area.

Do you need a license to hunt feral hogs in Arizona?

There is no specific license to hunt feral hogs in Arizona; however, you do need a hunting license, and there are regulations on when and where you can hunt.

How much does it cost to go on a hog hunt?

The cost of a hog hunt in Arizona varies depending on the outfitter, but it can range from \$200-\$600 per person. Some outfitters also offer discounts for group bookings.

Are feral hogs good to eat?

Feral hogs are considered to be good eating, with some saying that they taste even better than domestic pork. The meat is lean and has a slightly gamey flavor. Wild hogs can be roasted, grilled, or made into sausage.

How many wild pigs are in Arizona?

There is no accurate estimate of the number of feral hogs in Arizona. The animals are not native to the state, and they are not tracked by wildlife officials. However, it is believed that there are several thousand feral hogs in Arizona.

What state is best for hog hunting?

10 of the Best States for Hog Hunting

What states have feral hogs?

Feral hogs are found in at least 35 states, including: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska Nevada , New Mexico , North Carolina , North Dakota , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania , South Carolina , South Dakota , Tennessee , Texas , Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Some states, like California, have very few feral hogs while others, like Florida and Texas, have millions.

What state has the most wild hogs?

Texas has the most wild hogs, with an estimated population of 2.6 million. Florida is second, with an estimated 500,000 feral hogs. Other states with large populations of feral hogs include Oklahoma, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Are there wild pigs in Arizona?

There are wild pigs in Arizona. The animals are not native to the state, but they have been introduced and there is now a population of feral hogs. The animals are found primarily in Cochise , Pima and Yavapai counties , with the largest concentration in the Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge in La Paz County .

What are Arizona wild pigs called?

The Arizona Javelina is a type of javelina that is found in the Javelinas are arguably pretty ugly animals with a foul odor, which is why they are known as "musk hogs" by some people. They are not wild pigs, but members of the South American "peccary" family.

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