When it comes to optics for firearms, the debate is as old as the hills, yet it never gets old. In one corner, we have the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, a heavyweight champion known for its ruggedness and precision. In the other corner, the Holosun 507C, a contender that has rapidly gained fame for its innovative features and reliability. Both are top picks among enthusiasts and professionals alike, but how do they truly stack up against each other?

Choosing the right optic can elevate your shooting experience from frustrating to sublime. It's not just about hitting your target; it's about confidence, reliability, and even the joy of shooting. Today, we'll pit these two optics against each other across several rounds, including versatility, optical quality, adjustment features, and more, to see which one might be the right fit for your shooting style and needs.

Whether you're a seasoned marksman, a competitive shooter, or someone who enjoys a weekend at the range, this comparison aims to give you a clearer picture (pun intended) of what each optic offers. So, let's load up and dive in.

Comparison Table

Feature Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Holosun 507C
Dot Size 2.5 MOA or 7.5 MOA 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, 2 MOA dot with 32 MOA circle
Window Size 1.0 x 0.6 in 0.63 x 0.91 in
Battery Life Up to 300 hours (at medium setting) Up to 50,000 hours (at setting 6)
Battery Type CR2032 CR1632
Brightness Settings 8 daylight + 2 night vision 10 daylight + 2 night vision
Auto-Brightness Yes (with motion sensor activation) Yes (with solar failsafe)
Construction Aluminum Aluminum (7075 T6)
Waterproof Yes, submersible to 33 ft Yes, IP67 rated
Weight 1.9 oz 1.5 oz
Length 1.8 in 1.78 in
Width 1.3 in 1.15 in
Height 1.3 in 1.15 in
Mount Type Cross-slot mount (Picatinny/Weaver compatible) RMR footprint (Picatinny/Weaver compatible with adapter plate)
Parallax Free Yes Yes
Warranty Lifetime 5 years


Design and Build Quality

A close examination of the design and build quality of an optic can provide significant insights into its durability, usability, and overall performance. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C, while similar in their commitment to quality, exhibit distinct characteristics and features that cater to different user preferences and requirements.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Precision Engineered for Durability

  • Construction and Materials: Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the DeltaPoint Pro is built to withstand the rigors of active use in various environments. Its robust design is complemented by waterproofing capabilities, submersible up to 33 feet, ensuring it performs reliably in all weather conditions.

  • Optical Excellence: The DeltaPoint Pro features a large window size (1.0 x 0.6 inches) that not only offers an expansive field of view but also incorporates Leupold’s DiamondCoat aspheric lens technology. This technology, along with blackened lens edges, enhances clarity and reduces glare, making for a superior viewing experience.

  • User-Centric Design: Weighing in at 1.9 oz, with dimensions of 1.8 inches in length, 1.3 inches in width, and 1.3 inches in height, the DeltaPoint Pro is designed for ease of use without compromising on durability or performance. Its cross-slot mount is compatible with Picatinny and Weaver rails, offering versatility in mounting options.

Holosun 507C: Innovative and Resilient

  • Robust Build: The 507C's construction utilizes aluminum (7075 T6), known for its strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring that the optic is both lightweight (1.5 oz) and capable of handling harsh conditions. Its IP67 waterproof rating signifies complete dust resistance and the ability to withstand water immersion, highlighting its all-environment durability.

  • Advanced Optical Features: With a window size of 0.63 x 0.91 inches, the 507C provides a clear, wide field of view. The optic stands out with its versatile reticle options (2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, or a combination of both), offering users flexibility based on their sighting preferences. Solar Failsafe Technology and an auto-brightness feature ensure optimal reticle visibility in any lighting condition.

  • Designed for Compatibility and Ease: The 507C's dimensions (1.78 inches in length, 1.15 inches in width, and 1.15 inches in height) make it a compact, yet powerful option. Its RMR footprint compatibility, along with a Picatinny adapter plate, ensures it can be mounted on a wide variety of firearms. Features like Shake Awake Technology and a lock mode to prevent accidental adjustments enhance user experience by combining convenience with reliability.

Versatility and Performance

In the realm of optics where adaptability can be as crucial as accuracy, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C stand out as frontrunners. Designed to cater to a wide array of shooting disciplines, from competitive sport shooting to tactical applications, both sights offer unique features that underscore their versatility and consistent performance across varying conditions.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: The Dynamic Competitor

  • A Jack of All Trades: The DeltaPoint Pro isn't confined to a single niche. Whether it's mounted on a pistol for close-quarters combat, a shotgun for a 3-Gun competition, or even a hunting rifle for that long-range shot, its performance remains stellar. Its 2.5 MOA or 7.5 MOA dot options cater to precision shots and quick target acquisition alike.

  • Engineered for the Elements: With its robust construction and waterproof capability up to 33 ft, the DeltaPoint Pro thrives in any environment you can throw at it. Whether it's a torrential downpour or a dusty trail, the DeltaPoint Pro's optical integrity and performance remain uncompromised.

  • Precision on the Move: The inclusion of Motion Sensor Technology (MST) allows the DeltaPoint Pro to automatically activate when it senses motion, ensuring it's ready the moment you need to take a shot. This feature, combined with the optic's wide field of view, makes it an invaluable tool for dynamic shooting scenarios where speed and responsiveness are critical.

Holosun 507C: The Tactical Innovator

  • Reticle Versatility: The 507C shines with its reticle options—offering a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle, and a combination of the two. This versatility ensures shooters can tailor their sighting to the task at hand, be it precision shooting with the dot or quick target acquisition with the circle-dot reticle.

  • Adaptable and Enduring: Holosun's Solar Failsafe Technology ensures the 507C remains operational even in the unlikely event of battery failure, drawing power from ambient light to keep you in the game. Coupled with an impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours, the 507C is ready for endless days on the range or in the field.

  • Shake Awake to the Challenge: The 507C's Shake Awake Technology instantly powers up the reticle upon movement, seamlessly blending conservation of power with operational readiness. This ensures the sight is always on when you need it, without the worry of having to manually activate it or potentially being left in the dark during critical moments.

The versatility and performance of the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C not only make them exceptional tools in your shooting arsenal; they elevate them to the status of indispensable partners, ready to face any challenge alongside you. Whether you're navigating the complexities of a tactical operation or aiming for the bullseye in a competition, these optics ensure you're always at the top of your game.

Optical Performance

The heart of any optic lies in its optical performance; clarity, brightness, and the quality of the reticle are paramount. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C both bring impressive features to the table, designed to enhance the shooter's experience through superior optical engineering.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Clarity Meets Versatility

  • Peak Clarity and Precision: The DeltaPoint Pro's aspheric lens design reduces distortion at the edges of the optic, providing a clear, undistorted view across the entire field of view. Combined with the DiamondCoat lens coating, it offers unrivaled clarity and light transmission, ensuring a crisp, bright image even in challenging light conditions.

  • Adaptive Illumination: Featuring eight daylight and two night vision brightness settings, the DeltaPoint Pro adapts to any lighting scenario. Its Motion Sensor Technology (MST) also includes an auto-brightness feature that adjusts the reticle brightness based on ambient light, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.

Holosun 507C: Innovative Vision

  • Versatile Reticle Options for Every Scenario: The Holosun 507C offers a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle, or a combination of both, providing flexibility for various shooting applications. Whether you need precision for long-distance shots or a broader reticle for quick target acquisition, the 507C has you covered.

  • Endurance and Clarity: With up to 10 daylight and 2 night vision compatible brightness settings, alongside Solar Failsafe technology, the 507C ensures your reticle is visible in any lighting condition. The solar panel not only extends battery life but also keeps the reticle bright in daylight, making sure you never lose sight of your target.

  • Lock Mode for Reliability: To prevent accidental adjustments, the 507C features a Lock Mode. This innovation ensures that once you've set your sight for a specific scenario, it stays locked in, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worry.

Both the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C offer exceptional optical performance, but they do so in ways that reflect their unique design philosophies.

The DeltaPoint Pro focuses on providing a clear, versatile viewing experience optimized for any condition, while the Holosun 507C emphasizes reticle versatility and innovative features to enhance user experience.

Whether you prioritize the uninterrupted clarity and automatic adjustments of the DeltaPoint Pro or the flexible reticle options and solar power of the 507C, both optics stand out as top contenders in the field of optical performance.

Battery Life and Power Options

In the modern era of optics, having a reliable power source is just as crucial as the optic's physical and optical capabilities. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C both offer innovative solutions to power management, but their approaches and the resulting battery life span significantly differ.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Efficient and Ready

  • Focused on Efficiency: The DeltaPoint Pro operates on a CR2032 battery, a common choice for red dot sights. While offering up to 300 hours of battery life at medium settings, it leverages Motion Sensor Technology (MST) to extend this lifespan. The optic automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity and powers back on with the slightest movement, ensuring it's ready when you are without unnecessarily draining the battery.

  • Simplicity in Power: The straightforward battery compartment of the DeltaPoint Pro allows for quick and easy battery changes. This design consideration ensures that maintaining power in the field is as hassle-free as possible, minimizing downtime during critical moments.

Holosun 507C: The Long-Haul Performer

  • Unrivaled Battery Life: The 507C sets itself apart with an impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours at setting 6, thanks to its efficient CR1632 battery and intelligent power management features. This extended lifespan means that shooters can install the battery and practically forget about it for years at a time, focusing more on shooting and less on maintenance.

  • Solar Failsafe: Beyond its remarkable battery life, the 507C integrates Solar Failsafe technology, allowing the optic to draw power from ambient light. This not only conserves battery life but also ensures the sight remains operational even if the battery fails, providing an additional layer of reliability.

  • Innovative Power Solutions: The combination of Holosun's Shake Awake Technology and Solar Failsafe ensures that the 507C is always on when needed while conserving power when not in use. These features exemplify Holosun's commitment to reliability and longevity, making the 507C an optic that's always ready for action.

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C approach power management with different philosophies but with the same goal: ensuring the optic is ready whenever the shooter is.

The DeltaPoint Pro focuses on efficient use of a traditional power source, enhanced by smart technology to extend battery life. In contrast, the Holosun 507C pushes the boundaries with its extended battery life and innovative use of solar power, setting a new standard for optic reliability and endurance.

Your choice between these two might boil down to how you prioritize convenience versus longevity in power management.

Ease of Use

An optic's usability encompasses more than just how it performs under various conditions; it also involves how intuitively one can interact with it. This includes mounting options, adjustments, and how user-friendly the interface is for shooters of all experience levels. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C each offer unique features aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: User-Centric Design

  • Intuitive Mounting and Compatibility: The DeltaPoint Pro is designed with versatility in mind, featuring a cross-slot mount compatible with Picatinny and Weaver rails. This broad compatibility ensures that it can be easily attached to a wide range of firearms, from handguns to rifles, offering a seamless integration into your shooting setup.

  • Straightforward Adjustments: Adjusting the DeltaPoint Pro is a breeze. Its tool-less elevation and windage adjustments make fine-tuning quick and effortless. This ease of adjustment allows shooters to adapt to varying distances and conditions without the hassle, ensuring that the focus remains on the target, not on fiddling with the optic.

Holosun 507C: The Pinnacle of Practicality

  • RMR Footprint Compatibility: The Holosun 507C utilizes an RMR footprint, one of the most common mounting standards in the industry, ensuring it can be fitted to a wide variety of firearms. This compatibility, coupled with the inclusion of a Picatinny mount, makes the 507C incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into your preferred shooting platform.

  • Effortless Operation and Adjustments: With features like the Shake Awake Technology and Lock Mode, the 507C is not only easy to operate but also ensures that your settings are preserved, avoiding unintentional adjustments. Its side-accessible battery compartment further simplifies maintenance, allowing for battery changes without the need to remove the optic from the firearm.

Both the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C are engineered with the end-user in mind, emphasizing ease of installation, operation, and adjustments. The DeltaPoint Pro shines with its tool-less adjustment system and versatile mounting options, catering to those who value straightforward, efficient interaction with their optic.

Meanwhile, the Holosun 507C excels in providing practical features like Shake Awake, Lock Mode, and an easily accessible battery compartment, suited for shooters who prioritize convenience and operational reliability.

Whether you lean towards the intuitive simplicity of the DeltaPoint Pro or the advanced usability features of the 507C, both optics are designed to enhance your shooting experience with minimal fuss.

Eye Relief & Field of View

A critical aspect that often dictates the efficiency and comfort of using an optic is its eye relief and field of view. These factors are essential in rapid target acquisition and maintaining situational awareness, especially in dynamic shooting environments.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Expansive Visibility

  • Generous Field of View: One of the standout features of the DeltaPoint Pro is its wide window size (1.0 x 0.6 in), which offers a broad field of view. This expansive visibility is crucial for fast-moving scenarios, allowing shooters to quickly locate and track targets without losing peripheral awareness.

  • Designed for Comfort: While red dot sights like the DeltaPoint Pro do not have traditional eye relief issues due to their unlimited eye relief design, the large window and clear optics minimize eye strain. Shooters can maintain focus on their target for extended periods without discomfort, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Holosun 507C: Clarity in Every Condition

  • Optimized for Awareness: The Holosun 507C, with its window size of 0.63 x 0.91 inches, provides a clear and comprehensive view of the target area. This ensures that users can easily engage targets with both eyes open, maintaining critical situational awareness and allowing for quicker response times.

  • Ease of Viewing: The 507C's design focuses on reducing visual distractions. Its reticle options are designed to be clear and distinct against a variety of backgrounds, ensuring that the shooter's focus remains on the target. The optic's clear lens coatings and brightness settings adapt to different lighting conditions, offering consistent visibility.

Both the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C are engineered to maximize the shooter's field of view and comfort, enhancing target acquisition speed and situational awareness.

The DeltaPoint Pro offers a slightly larger window, which may appeal to shooters looking for the broadest possible view. In contrast, the Holosun 507C's design and clear reticle options provide excellent visibility and focus, making it a strong contender for those who value sharp, uninterrupted sight pictures. Ultimately, the choice between these two optics may come down to personal preference for window size and reticle clarity.

Price-to-Performance Ratio

The cost of an optic is a crucial consideration for many shooters, balancing the investment against the expected performance, features, and reliability. Both the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the Holosun 507C cater to different segments of the market, offering options for varied budgets without compromising on quality.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Premium Pricing for High-End Quality

  • Estimated Retail Price: The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro generally retails around $400-$500 USD. This price range reflects its positioning as a high-end optic, designed for shooters who demand top-notch performance, durability, and feature set.

  • Justifying the Investment: The DeltaPoint Pro's price is justified by its superior optical clarity, robust build quality, and advanced features such as Motion Sensor Technology and DiamondCoat lens coatings. For serious shooters or professionals who require an optic that can withstand rigorous use and deliver precise performance, the DeltaPoint Pro presents a valuable long-term investment, further backed by Leupold's lifetime warranty.

Holosun 507C: Accessible Quality with Advanced Features

  • Estimated Retail Price: The Holosun 507C is typically priced around $300-$350 USD, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to the DeltaPoint Pro without significantly compromising on features or reliability.

  • Maximizing Value: Despite its lower price point, the 507C offers a compelling suite of features, including a versatile reticle system, Solar Failsafe technology, and an exceptional battery life of up to 50,000 hours. It strikes an impressive balance between affordability and functionality, appealing to a wide range of users from enthusiasts to competitive shooters who seek high performance without breaking the bank.

The decision between the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Holosun 507C may ultimately hinge on how much value you place on specific features versus the overall investment.

The DeltaPoint Pro offers premium features and build quality that justify its higher price, making it a suitable choice for those who prioritize optical excellence and long-term durability.

On the other hand, the Holosun 507C provides remarkable functionality and innovation at a more accessible price point, representing excellent value for shooters looking for a reliable, feature-rich optic.

Both optics demonstrate that quality and performance can be found across a range of price points, catering to the diverse needs and budgets of the shooting community.


The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the Holosun 507C each bring their unique strengths to the table, serving shooters with different priorities and preferences. The DeltaPoint Pro stands out for its optical clarity, durability, and premium build, making it a choice for those who demand top-tier performance and are willing to invest in it. On the other hand, the Holosun 507C offers versatility, innovative features, and a competitive price, appealing to a broad audience seeking quality and value.

Ultimately, the decision between the two will depend on individual needs, preferences, and budget. Both optics are capable performers that enhance the shooting experience, whether for tactical applications, competitive shooting, or recreational use. The key is to assess what matters most to you in an optic and choose accordingly.

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