TenPoint Nitro 505 Oracle X Crossbow Kit w/ Burris Oracle

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World's Fastest Crossbow: TenPoint Nitro 505

TenPoint's Nitro 505 crossbow is a powerhouse of proprietary features that deliver unparalleled performance. Its innovative reverse-draw design creates an industry-leading power stroke of 17 inches, propelling bolts downrange at an astonishing speed of over 500 feet per second while ensuring a smoother and quieter shot. The reverse-draw configuration offers numerous benefits, including an additional 4 inches of string-to-nock engagement, resulting in enhanced accuracy. Moreover, it eliminates the nose-heavy feeling often associated with traditional crossbows.

The Nitro 505's reverse-draw design is further complemented by the RX8-cam system. These cams rotate to an impressive 404 degrees and feature deeper cable grooves, resulting in improved cable spacing. The increased strand count not only provides added strength but also enhances durability, ensuring the crossbow performs consistently in any hunting scenario.

Cocking the crossbow is effortless, thanks to the exclusive ACUslide cocking system. With a mere 5 pounds of force, shooters can easily cock the Nitro 505. Additionally, the ACUslide system allows for safe de-cocking by backwinding the handle. For enhanced trigger control and a crisp shooting experience, the Nitro 505 comes standard with TenPoint's S1 trigger. This advanced roller-sear system offers a consistent 2-stage pull of 3.5 lbs, allowing for precise and accurate shots.

To maximize the crossbow's performance, the Nitro 505 is shipped with Burris's Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding scope. This cutting-edge optic features an integrated laser rangefinder, which can be activated either through a wireless remote or by pressing the range button on the scope itself. The Oracle X provides accurate ranging measurements on game up to 200 yards away (500 yards on reflective targets). It displays an exact aiming point, accounting for both distance and angle compensation, and remains constant throughout the scope's 2x to 7x magnification range. Adjustments for windage and elevation can be easily made, and the scope securely mounts to the crossbow via a picatinny mount.


  • Reverse-draw design: Industry-leading power stroke for superior performance and accuracy.
  • RX8-cam system: 404-degree rotation, deeper cable grooves, and increased strand count for enhanced cable spacing, strength, and durability.
  • ACUslide cocking system: Effortless cocking with just 5 pounds of force and easy de-cocking capability.
  • TenPoint S1 trigger: Advanced roller-sear system for a consistent, 2-stage pull of 3.5 lbs, ensuring precise and controlled shots.
  • Burris Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding scope: Integrated laser rangefinder, accurate ranging measurements, and exact aiming point.
  • (6) EvoX Centerpunch Arrows included: High-quality arrows for consistent and reliable performance.
  • 6 Arrow Tech Quiver included: Convenient storage and easy access to arrows during hunts.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications
Item Condition Refurbished
Length 30.5"
Weight (without accessories) 7.9 lbs
Optics Included Burris Oracle Scope
Draw Force 300 lbs
Kinetic Energy 222 ft. lbs.
Power-Stroke 17"
Speed (400 Gr.) 500 FPS
Color Veil Alpine
Length Range 30"-34.9"
Product Type Crossbow
UPC 788244016734
MPN RF-CB22005-6169

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