Ravin R500 Crossbow Slate Gray with VersaDrive Cocking System R050

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Enhance your stealth on your next hunt with the powerful and versatile Ravin R500 Crossbow Kit. Designed to provide you with optimal performance and precision, this crossbow features a fully integrated silent cocking system that allows you to get as close as possible to your target without giving away your position. With the proprietary HexCoil Cam System, you can rotate your cams 360 degrees, ensuring maximum accuracy and a perfectly balanced draw for unmatched downrange precision.

The compact yet powerful Ravin R500 Crossbow is built with your comfort in mind. It comes with a fully adjustable cheek pad and buttstock, allowing you to customize the fit and feel of the crossbow to suit your preferences. This ensures that you can maintain focus and accuracy throughout your hunting experience, even during extended periods in the field.

Safety is of utmost importance when handling a crossbow, and the Ravin R500 doesn't disappoint. It is equipped with anti-dry fire and auto safety mechanisms that prevent accidental harm to yourself or damage to the crossbow. These safety features give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus solely on your target and the thrill of the hunt.

Experience the raw power of the Ravin R500 Crossbow as it propels arrows at an incredible velocity of 500 feet per second (fps). With a draw weight of 17 lbs, this crossbow delivers impressive force and speed, ensuring a swift and lethal impact on your target. Whether you're hunting small game or taking on larger prey, the R500 is more than capable of getting the job done.

The Ravin R500 Crossbow Kit includes built-in sling mounts, providing convenience and easy transport during your hunting expeditions. Its compact dimensions, measuring 28.5 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width, make it maneuverable in tight spaces, while its weight of 8.4 lbs strikes a balance between portability and stability.


  • Versadrive Cocking System: The internal screw drive moves the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth, and an internal clutch eliminates over-cocking, allowing cocking and uncocking to be stopped or resumed at any time during the process.

  • Hexcoil Cam System: A proprietary system that rotates cams an incredible 360 degrees, transforming traditional crossbows into the fastest, most accurate, and compact designs ever seen.

  • Trac-Trigger Firing System: A patented built-in trigger mechanism that slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn, allowing for straight-line nock travel. This unique Helicoil advantage creates a perfectly balanced draw for unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot.

  • Frictionless Flight Systems: This patented technology allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail, eliminating friction for consistent accuracy and increased string and cable life. This unique Helicoil advantage delivers astounding target accuracy with every shot.

  • Silent Cocking: The Fully Integrated Silent Cocking System works in conjunction with the Trac Trigger Firing System and includes a built-in one-way bearing that removes any noise, resulting in a completely silent draw. The cocking mechanism allows you to stop the draw cycle at any time during the cocking process, ensuring that your presence remains undetected by your prey.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications Features
Manufacturer Ravin
Color Slate Gray
Velocity 500 fps
Draw Weight 17 lb
Length 28.5 in
Width 7.75 in
Weight 8.4 lb
Additional Features Built-in Sling Mounts, Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
Included Accessories Standard
Condition New

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