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Introducing the innovative Ravin R29X Crossbow Package in Predator Dusk Camo, where advanced technology meets unmatched velocity. With its never-before-reached pinnacle velocity of 450 fps, this crossbow takes your hunting and shooting experience to the next level. It comes complete with Ravin's Helicoil technology and a fully integrated silent cocking system, ensuring precision and reliability with every shot.

The R29X maintains an overall length of 29 inches when fully drawn and features a narrow 6-inch axle-to-axle design, making it incredibly compact. Despite its power, it weighs a mere 6.75 pounds, providing exceptional maneuverability and control in tight spaces. The ergonomic grip enhances your handling experience, allowing for steady aim and comfortable shooting without sacrificing control.

Exclusive to Ravin Crossbows, the Predator Dusk Camo finish ensures effective camouflage, seamlessly blending with diverse terrains. The package includes six Ravin .003 arrows and field tips, totaling 400 grains, providing exceptional speed, accuracy, and penetration. The quiver with a mounting bracket keeps your arrows easily accessible, while the 100-yard illuminated scope enhances visibility in low-light conditions for precise aim.

Safety is paramount, and the R29X features an anti-dry fire/auto safety mechanism, preventing accidental misfires and ensuring worry-free operation. The built-in cocking mechanism and removable draw handle offer convenience, making cocking and uncocking effortless. This crossbow comes fully assembled and pre-tuned, so you can sight-in and go, wasting no time in preparation.

Ravin R29X Features:

  • Versa-Draw™ Cocking System: Ultra-compact, fully integrated cocking mechanism with minimal 12 pounds of force, ambidextrous and capable of cocking and uncocking your Ravin crossbow for unmatched accuracy.
  • Silent Cocking: Fully integrated silent cocking system with a built-in one-way bearing for a completely silent draw, allowing you to stop the draw cycle at any time without making a sound.
  • Trac-Trigger™ Firing System: Patented trigger mechanism that clasps directly to the precise center of the string, resulting in straight-line nock travel and unmatched downrange accuracy.
  • Frictionless™ Flight System: Patented technology that eliminates friction between the arrow and string, ensuring consistent accuracy and increased string and cable life.
  • Helicoil® Technology: Revolutionary technology that coils cables away from the cams in helical grooves, keeping them balanced for an incredible 340 degrees of rotation and rifle-like downrange accuracy.

Ravin R29X Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications
Archery Cocking Device Draw Handle
Archery Foot Pounds of Energy 180
Archery Item Type Crossbow
Archery Mass Weight 6.75 lbs
Archery Power Stroke 12.5"
Archery Velocity Up to 450 fps
Brand Ravin Crossbows
CA PROP 65 Yes
Length 29"

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