Hello Sharp Shooters!

I wanted introduce myself and to personally send a note to everyone announcing some exciting news happening here at Sharp Shooter Optics - I am now the new owner and your main point of contact here at SSO for all things optics 😊

My name is Brian Pawl, and I purchased SSO from Jeremy & Sabreena Stone earlier this month. They did an AMAZING job growing the business from scratch and providing the highest quality optics at affordable prices - all with expert customer service and a dedication to putting their customers first.

As the new owner, I promise to uphold these same core values and dedicate the company’s mission to serving my customers’ needs first.

I’m excited to continue what the Stone’s started, and to grow the business into the premier destination for everything hunting and tactical optics!

(My first gun 😊 - Savage Mark II .22 LR)

Taking over an already established business and customer base is a new adventure for me, but it’s not my first business (or even first online business) endeavor.

If anyone’s interested in my entrepreneurial background:

  • I started my first business in 2011 delivering IKEA furniture to locations in the Midwest where IKEA charged an arm and a leg for delivery.
  • Next, I moved on to my first e-commerce store where I partnered with my mom - who is a very talented seamstress - and we opened Quilted Memories, a custom t-shirt quilt making service.
  • After that, I created a brand that sold bluetooth speaker and phone accessories on Amazon, followed by a local window replacement company in Naperville, IL that I eventually sold.

Needless to say, in the last 10 years I have gotten my hands dirty starting and running plenty of start-ups and fast-growing young companies.

I’m excited to lead Sharp Shooter Optics into its next phase of growth, and to one day be the internet’s most trusted resource for all things hunting and tactical optics. There’s a long road ahead and plenty of competition to beat out, but with your support I’m confident we can achieve our goals!

A final note:

I want to hear from you! Seriously…

YOU are what makes this business succeed, and I want to provide the selection of products that YOU want - so tell me what they are!

Shoot me an email at the address below, and I’d love to hear your answer to the following question - what hunting/tactical/firearm related content would you love to receive in your inbox every morning that you would be SO excited to get that you would open it, every time?

I want to provide so much value to my email subscribers that you actually look forward to getting an email from me 😊 (rather than just promoting our products like so many other websites…)

So shoot me a message - I don’t even care if it doesn’t answer my question above - I just want to hear from you!

Well, that’s it - thanks for reading - and again, I’m so excited to start this adventure with all of you!



Brian Pawl